Nanotechnological Society of Russia

Nanotechnological Society of Russia (NtSR) was founded in 2008 in Moscow as an all-Russian  non-profitable organization. On March 31, 2009, the NtRS was registered in the Russian Justice Ministry under the number 0012011530.

The NtSR joins people from research, education, business, administration, and other areas related to nano-technologies. The main NtSR aims include: promotion of creativeness, cooperation, and progress  in the Russian nano-society; assistance in commercialization of the research results; education in area of nano-technologies, information support;  international collaboration; public contacts and propagation of innovation progress.

Nowadays,  the NtSR has about 1100 members, including 30 members of Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS),  43 associated members of RAS, 337  doctors of sciences, and 342 PD. They cover physics, math, chemistry, biology, medicine, pharmaceutics,  and many other areas.  NtRS is presented in 70 regions of Russia. There  are members from other countries.  

The NtSR has 22 sub-units, including the Industry Committee, International Committee,  Youth Division, and 17 thematic sections.  

The NtSR  has active contacts and formal agreements with the state corporation "RUSNANO" (, NT-MTD Co, Nuclear Society of Russia, and other organizations.   

The honorary NtSR members are  academician Zhores  I. Alferov (winner of Nobel Prize in Physics 2000,  St.-Petersburg Academic University), corresponding RAS member V.M. Kovalchuk   (Russian research center "Kurchatov Institute"),  academicians B.E. Paton  (Ukraine Academy of Sciences),  and Yu.D. Tretjakov  (Moscow State University).

The first and second NtSR presidents were academicians Yu.D. Tretjakov  and E.N. Kablov.  Now, the NtSr is headed by V.A. Bukov (president  of NT-MTD Co).

The vice-presidents are E.A. Gudilin (Moscow State University), G.G. Malinetsky (Institute of Applied Mathematics RAS), O.S. Naraikin  (Russian research center "Kurchatov Institute"), and M.N. Strikhanov (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute).  The executive  vise-president is S.V. Kushnarev.  The head of revision commission is V.F. Petrunin (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute)